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Since February 2009, Bridgeport Express Care has sought to provide the local community with excellent medical care. Brothers Timothy Peasak, D.O., and David Peasak, nurse practitioner, started the business along with Natalie King, D.O., a year after opening Elkins Express Care.


“Business has been really good for us, and we feel like this move will make us more accessible for patients and give us a little bit more visibility,” King said.

Starting next month, Bridgeport Express Care will be located at the former Medbrook Medical Center at 1370 Johnson Avenue.

“It looks like a small ER,” Peasak said. “The patient flow is phenomenal. It’ll help our overall process from when the patients check in until they check out. It’ll be a much smoother transition for our sta and for the patients. The space is much more accommodating for where we’re at with our practice.”

“It’s a good move for the business because we’ll be more visible,” King added. “A lot of people in the community are used to going to that facility. But ultimately what we want to do is improve patient care. We’ll have more exam rooms. They’ll have to wait less, and the flow just works a lot better as an urgent care center.”

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Personalized patient care sets Bridgeport Express Care apart from other urgent care facilities. When you visit us, you can expect to receive excellent care. Expert physician specialists and a caring clinical staff provide you with an exceptional health care experience.

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Bridgeport Express Care functions not only as an urgent care center but as a family practice, and this year, David Peasak has started working with Bridgeport High School’s football team.

One method Bridgeport Express Care has used to help local sports teams is by providing free sports physicals.

“We feel like that’s a service that we can provide the community to do those for free for children,” King said. “It helps them to get back on the field.”

Bridgeport Express Care also oers an on-call service for the sports teams, she said.

“If there’s an injury on the football field, and they just need an ankle X-ray, we can send someone in to do the X-ray and take a look at it that night if we need to,” King said.

Helping out the local community is important to the sta of Bridgeport Express Care, King said.

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For the convenience of our clients Bridgeport Express Care provides direct insurance billing with all the major international insurance providers and assistance companies.

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